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What is the meaning of assign in Hindi?

Meaning of assign in Hindi is : सौपना

Definition of word assign

  • To designate or set apart something for some purpose. (verb)
  • To appoint or select someone for some office. (verb)
  • To allot or give something as a task. (verb)
  • To attribute or sort something into categories. (verb)
  • (law) To transfer property, a legal right, etc., from one person to another. (verb)
  • An assignee. (noun)

Examples of word assign

  • The assign is a ultimate in a legal conflict in between New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as well as fume shops upon a Poospatuck Indian Reservation over a sale of millions of dollars in untaxed cigarettes.
  • But we had been all over which sanatorium any day for years during a time, as good as for dual years had been a Physician in assign of a Emergency Room, myself.
  • In the absence of a candidate for a designer (and even Behe admits that design requires a designer) then the only probability I can be assign is zero.
  • Therefore, when a minister utters a word, the ruler should according to the word assign him a task to accomplish, and according to the result of the accomplishment call the task3 to account.
  • The universal nature (e.g. war always evil, bad) you assign is certainly not how 1940s Britain and France would’ve perceived war … there are wars fought for principles greater than the, admittedly, great principal of “preservation of life” … as a European, I think you’d understand this distinction.


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