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What is the meaning of assist in Hindi?

Meaning of assist in Hindi is : हाथ बटाना

Definition of word assist

  • A helpful action or an act of giving. (noun)
  • a statistic used in different sports to quantify the act of helping another player score points or goals; in baseball, an assist is defensive, allowing a teammate to record a putout. (noun)
  • To stand (at a place) or to (an opinion), to attend a theatrical performance. (verb)
  • To help. (verb)
  • To make a pass that leads directly towards scoring. (verb)

Examples of word assist

  • To have his goal scored on my assist is a great thing for us.
  • A good way to assist is to bring entrepreneurial and business skills to them.
  • The No. 1 plague on America's box scores is what I call assist inflation -- the awarding of assists that are not assists according to the very extensive language in the NCAA Statistician's Manual.
  • But they had a big assist from the Hollywood moguls and the invention of new media techniques.
  • Their job, which they do with an assist from the police, is to give names to "the forgotten": murder victims whom the police have been unable to identify.


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