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What is the meaning of assistant in Hindi?

Meaning of assistant in Hindi is : सहायक

Definition of word assistant

  • Having a subordinate or auxiliary position. (adjective)
  • Someone who is present; a bystander, a witness. (noun)
  • A person who assists or helps someone else. (noun)
  • Sales assistant. (noun)
  • A software tool that provides assistance in some task. (noun)

Examples of word assistant

  • She is currently a term assistant professor of psychology at Barnard College and continues to research dog behavior.
  • The author of "Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know" and a term assistant professor of psychology at Barnard College.
  • Lightman's main assistant is the ever-cheerful Gillian Foster (Williams), whose strength is figuring out why people lie.
  • I am a textile designer, under the title assistant designer at a western wear company.i suggest using Illustrator for creating repeats.
  • In a small district such as that one, the term assistant superintendent means I did a little bit of everything, from transportation, instruction, technology and everything.


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