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What is the meaning of assort in Hindi?

Meaning of assort in Hindi is : समान हो जाना

Definition of word assort

  • To sort or arrange according to characteristic or class. (verb)
  • To be of a kind with. (verb)
  • To be associated with; to consort with. (verb)

Examples of word assort

  • For one of her many specialties was the ability to immediately 'assort' all the foreigners with whom she mingled, and she used to declare that she could guess a man's nationality as soon as she had spoken ten words with him.
  • We've had to retrench, pull back, and really kind of assort based upon what the consumer would expect to pay, number one, and number two, the kind of and type of items that are more day in and day out not driven so much and solely towards holiday type purchasing.
  • Certainly it does not assort well with historical research portraying the difficulties Martin Luther King, Jr. had holding together the different Montgomery churches during the bus boycott.
  • On another note, death cab for cutie is for gays and other people of that assort.
  • Does that hurt your ego so much and assort to attack the wrong target?


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