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What is the meaning of astonish in Hindi?

Meaning of astonish in Hindi is : विस्मित करना

Definition of word astonish

  • surprise, flabbergast (verb)

Examples of word astonish

  • He hid himself, and worked always to astonish, which is an egotism, and therefore little.
  • The Brits must use "astonish" differently than do Yanks.
  • He was far more inspired by avant-garde photographers such as Harper's Bazaar art director Alexey Brodovitch -- who instructed his students to "astonish" him -- not to mention the free-form improvisations of abstract expressionist painters, new American jazz and the Beat poets, all commingling in New York at the time.
  • When heaven's vast orb first strikes th 'astonish'd sight.
  • _Zadig_, tho 'astonish'd to the last Degree, attended him to their last Stage, which was to the Cottage of a very virtuous and well-dispos'd Widow, who had a Nephew of about fourteen Years of
  • "astonish" them; and he thought, not without sadness, that when La Guepe should have published this young novelist's ghostly composition, the unconquerable bourgeoisie would know nothing about it, and would continue to devote itself to its favorite customs, such as tapping the barometer to know whether there was a change, or to heave a deep sigh after guzzling its soup, saying, "I feel better!" without being the least astonished in the world.
  • Hulk tales to astonish fully painted graphic novel
  • The energy, creativity, and enthusiasm they've given us with on this trip simply astonish me.