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What is the meaning of astonish in Hindi?

Meaning of astonish in Hindi is : विस्मित करना

Definition of word astonish

  • surprise, flabbergast (verb)

Examples of word astonish

  • He hid himself, and worked always to astonish, which is an egotism, and therefore little.
  • The Brits must use "astonish" differently than do Yanks.
  • He was far more inspired by avant-garde photographers such as Harper's Bazaar art director Alexey Brodovitch -- who instructed his students to "astonish" him -- not to mention the free-form improvisations of abstract expressionist painters, new American jazz and the Beat poets, all commingling in New York at the time.
  • When heaven's vast orb first strikes th 'astonish'd sight.
  • _Zadig_, tho 'astonish'd to the last Degree, attended him to their last Stage, which was to the Cottage of a very virtuous and well-dispos'd Widow, who had a Nephew of about fourteen Years of


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