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What is the meaning of astonished in Hindi?

Meaning of astonished in Hindi is : हैरान

Definition of word astonished

  • Amazed; surprised. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of astonish. (verb)

Examples of word astonished

  • Most Europeans are astonished at the rapidity with which the Americans despatch their meals; but I, having admitted the proposition, that there was "nothing new under the sun," had long previously ceased to be _astonished_ at any thing.
  • The word astonished literally means, “struck dumb with amazement.”
  • The revelation was made all the more remarkable by its tim ing: only a few years after Donald Griffin astonished the scientific community in 1958 with his revelation that bats "see" the world with their ears.
  • I am dancing, dancing in astonished skin, in an embrace that creates me.
  • I remain astonished at how the MSM ignores the elephant in the room.


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