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What is the meaning of astounded in Hindi?

Meaning of astounded in Hindi is : हक्क

Definition of word astounded

  • surprised, amazed, astonished or bewildered. (adjective)

Examples of word astounded

  • Yes, I am plain astounded that they like the idea of being on the air together. —
  • Most of it is a defence of Sappho's chastity, which some German had denied, and I can assure you the passion with which these two gentlemen argued, the learning they displayed, the prodigious ingenuity with which they disputed the use of some implement which looked to me for all the world like a hairpin astounded me; especially when the door opened and Professor Hobkin himself appeared.
  • When at last he raised his head, his expression astounded me.
  • The soul is struck with the ardour of a fever, overwhelmed with an epilepsy, and displaced by a sharp megrim, and, in short, astounded by all the diseases that hurt the whole mass and the most noble parts; this never meddles with the soul; if anything goes amiss with her, 'tis her own fault; she betrays, dismounts, and abandons herself.
  • Christine admits she was "astounded" when she was told to stop all contact so abruptly, and ignored the advice.


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