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What is the meaning of at in Hindi?

Meaning of at in Hindi is : से

Definition of word at

  • In or very near a particular place. (preposition)
  • Simultaneous, during. (preposition)
  • In the direction of (often in an unfocused or uncaring manner). (preposition)
  • Occupied in (activity). (preposition)
  • Indicates a position on a scale or in a series. (preposition)
  • Because of. (preposition)
  • Holding a given speed or rate. (preposition)
  • In a state of. (preposition)
  • the @ symbol. (noun)

Examples of word at

  •   Similarly, while regularly knocking off Afghan civilians at checkpoints on their roads and in their homes,  at their celebrations and at work, we ignore the fact that our invasion and occupation opened the way for the transformation of Afghanistan into the first all-drug-crop agricultural nation and so the planet's premier narco-nation.
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  • Those of us who regret the lack of respect paid the great American writers of classical detective fiction will be delighted at the latest addition to a prestigious literary reprint series: Jacques Futrelle, author of the classic "The Problem of Cell 13," whose place in mystery history would be even greater had he not died in the sinking of the _Titanic _at age 37.
  • Our buddies over at Gordon and the Whale interviewed Spike Lee on the red carpet during SXSW and let me say that WOW, he is not a friendly dude..at all.
  • An Oprah-style book blog might be able to do it, but at that point you're aiming *at* the numbers, not the books.


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