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What is the meaning of atom in Hindi?

Meaning of atom in Hindi is : परमाणु

Definition of word atom

  • The smallest, indivisible constituent part or unit of something. (noun)

Examples of word atom

  • We now suppose that it is _a rapid movement of electrons from atom to atom_ in the wire or wherever the current is.
  • Coined in ancient Greece, the term atom means “indivisible unit,” and through the nineteenth century, scientists believed that our entire physical universe was composed of these elementary particles.
  • While the term atom, therefore, is applicable only to elements, the term molecule is applicable both to elements and compounds.
  • Thus the term atom indicates not only the constituents of molecules but has a quantitative meaning, the proportional part of the element which enters into compounds.
  • I do think that harnessing the power of the atom is the way to go.
  • The energy produced by the breaking down of the atom is a very poor kind of thing.
  • It was the ancient Greeks who gave us the idea of atoms, fundamental and invisibly small particles of matter, and also the word atom, which means “uncuttable,” “indivisible.”
  • (For convenience, "atom" is included as a special case of molecule).