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What is the meaning of atrip in Hindi?

Meaning of atrip in Hindi is : उठाया हुआ

Definition of word atrip

  • Just clear of the ground. (adjective)
  • Sheeted home, hoisted taut up and ready for trimming. (adjective)
  • Hoisted up and ready to be swayed across. (adjective)

Examples of word atrip

  • Usage: Although beth was an thrilled with the idea of atrip to paris as her classmates were, she tried to act supercool and blasé as if she'd been abroad hundreds of times.
  • And then atrip to WHSmith's to purchase a geometry set, despite the fact that aset square hadn't seen legitimate use in a state school for 30 years, and back to school we went.
  • (Incidentally, if you've never argued with Glenn, you should try it, it's atrip.)
  • You can now just sit at domestic and ticker movies online for atrip umteen sites furnish you the option to ticker movies for freeborn online.
  • This is part of an exoticization of the Other that occurs within state borders as well as across.bell hooks talks about about how some white people see having sex with a person of color as an exciting adventure, like atrip to an exotic location,in her essay “Eating the Other.”


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