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What is the meaning of attached in Hindi?

Meaning of attached in Hindi is : स‌ंलग्न

Definition of word attached

  • Simple past tense and past participle of attach. (verb)
  • In a romantic or sexual relationship. (adjective)
  • Broadly joined to a stem or stipe, but not decurrent. (adjective)
  • Of a residential building, sharing walls with similar buildings on two, usually opposite, sides. (adjective)

Examples of word attached

  • The populist politics of discontent were later to be identified as Poujadism, a term attached to a short-lived revolt of the petite bourgeoisie against the stifling bureaucracy of France's Fourth Republic, and led by shopkeeper Pierre Poujade in 1953.
  • The UPC codes, respectively 5105803094 and 5105803095, can be found with the model number on a label attached to the gear box, near the left wheel in the rear.
  • Turn the quilt over and look for a label attached by the quilter.
  • Depending on the term attached to the deal, Schenn could command slightly more given he's younger than that group and has some upside.
  • I'm not any happier than a lot of us with how far both parties have moved to the right and how money is corrupting our political process, but sorry Joe, the party that has run off the cliff with being insane should not have their label attached to our current president.


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