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What is the meaning of attainment in Hindi?

Meaning of attainment in Hindi is : विद्या

Definition of word attainment

  • The act of attaining; the act of arriving at or reaching; the act of obtaining by exertion or effort. (noun)

Examples of word attainment

  • You put those things together, and it seems like what the statute wants the EPA to do is set a NAAQS for GHGs near zero, require all areas to be in attainment for that level of emissions, which would then require a finding that all areas are out of attainment, which would require a suspension of any EPA permit that would increase emissions, and SIPs for states to achieve impossible levels.
  • The end of all scholarly attainment is to live nobly.
  • In a special essay on Hispanics, the report notes that Hispanic immigrant adults 'degree attainment is 14 percent, compared with U. S.-born Hispanics at 25 percent.
  • While skill attainment is a valid goal, still anything that cannot go on forever will stop.
  • How a child is raised between 1-16 (education, parental support, etc …) plays a much bigger role in attainment and income than anything between 16-39. jmo says:
  • How do we “boost educational attainment at the bottom” when educational attainment is “depressingly” easy to predict by age 5?
  • Once the certain level of attainment is reached the pupil can then decide to go on to vocational or academic training or go out to work.
  • To attempt to shorten the road between desire and attainment is nine times out of ten to go astray, and to miss the wished-for object altogether.