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What is the meaning of attend in Hindi?

Meaning of attend in Hindi is : हाजिर होना

Definition of word attend

  • Alternative form of atend ("to kindle"). (verb)

Examples of word attend

  • The reader should recollect, that I have often called the public attention to the conduct of this said professed Jacobin Tailor; for instance, when Sir Francis Burdett left the Tower, and the procession was got up for him, Tailor Place undertook to attend, and to take the management of those who were on horseback; but when the time arrived, the Tailor _forgot to attend_, although he was one of the most violent against the Baronet, for going over the water and deceiving the people.
  • Choosing a school to attend is choosing a consumption bundle.
  • The school our kids attend is a private one, mostly because all the lessons (except for Malay) are in English.
  • The only con besides NYCC that I really get upset about not being able to attend is Dragoncon, but I have no idea how that is doing in popularity.
  • The thing that STUNS and I do mean STUNS me at the Creation Official Twilight Tours that I attend is how many people became fans of the books because of the movies.


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