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What is the meaning of attentive in Hindi?

Meaning of attentive in Hindi is : सावधान

Definition of word attentive

  • paying attention; noticing, watching, listening, or attending closely (adjective)
    ध्यान देना; ध्यान से देखना, देखना, सुनना, या बारीकी से भाग लेना

Examples of word attentive

  • His gaze was level, open, his expression attentive and intelligent.
  • Pressures on ratings and earnings will likely continue over the next few months suggesting that investors must remain attentive to specific credit concerns.
  • He blinked and tried to keep his expression attentive and humble.
  • There is a certain attentive tenderness, difficult to be described, which the manly of our sex feel, and which is peculiarly pleasing to woman: 'tis also a very delightful sensation to ourselves, as well as productive of the happiest consequences: regarding them as creatures placed by Providence under our protection, and depending on us for their happiness, is the strongest possible tie of affection to a well-turned mind.
  • I agree that we all must of course remain attentive.
  • If you look at the left side of his face his expression is attentive and focused on the conversation.
  • What are these modern upper-class Mexicans seeking, I thought (along with spiritual connection, of course), in embracing these indigenous traditions (which are not theirs) but "flow": some activity that engrosses them, makes life meaningful, and asks them to be "attentive" -- as apparently nothing else had fit the bill?
  • The 6 percent Miller identifies as attentive to space represents nearly 11 million adult citizens, and the interested public forms a pool of nearly 30 million citizens.