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What is the meaning of attribute in Hindi?

Meaning of attribute in Hindi is : सहजगुण

Definition of word attribute

  • A characteristic or quality of a thing. (noun)
  • A word that qualifies a noun. (noun)
  • The applicable option selection; a variable or a value. (noun)
  • That which is predicated or affirmed of a subject; a predicate; an accident. (noun)
  • A semantic item with which a method, etc. may be decorated. (noun)
  • To ascribe (something) to a given cause, reason etc. (verb)
  • To associate ownership or authorship of (something) to someone. (verb)

Examples of word attribute

  • _FLASH_CONTROL_IRQ Flash Control Event Interrupt Handlers Declaration The MPLAB C32 compiler gives us two options to declare a function as "the" default interrupt handler (vector 0) at a given interrupt priority (ipl1, for example), using either the attribute syntax as follows: void __attribute__ ((interrupt (ipl1), vector (0))) InterruptHandler (void)
  • CDD = $CDD$ "where $attribute$ extracts an attribute from the current feature, and GDD, HDD, CDD keys are the titles of the data elements in the pie chart.
  • They are named in the name attribute and are described by the paramType attribute.
  • Oxydendrons 'main attribute is their summer flower.
  • Her main attribute is her massive knockers, but she also has a weird monkey-like companion.


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