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What is the meaning of auction in Hindi?

Meaning of auction in Hindi is : प्रतिक्रोष

Definition of word auction

  • A public event where goods or property are sold to the highest bidder. (noun)
  • To sell at an auction. (verb)

Examples of word auction

    • At the prices asked, designer chick needs to hire a decent model, eliminate the term auction from the listings, & get a clue: at nearly a thousand bucks for a no exchange/no return item, she clearly is whimbsicly deluded.
    • A second pair of facilities, the term auction facility for depository institutions and tern securities lending facility for primary dealers makes available predetermined aggregate amounts of longer term funding on pre-announced dates with the interest rate and the distribution of the awards across institutions being determined by competitive auction.
    • Those will now be available for 84 days in addition to the 28-day loans under the term auction facility.
    • To help relieve the pressures in the market for interbank lending, the Federal Reserve, among other actions, recently introduced the term auction facility through which pre-specified amounts of discount window credit are auctioned to eligible borrowers.
    • The central bank unveiled the term auction facility last week as part of a coordinated effort with other central banks to inject liquidity into global financial market suffering fallout from the subprime debacle in the U.S.


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