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What is the meaning of auctionable in Hindi?

Meaning of auctionable in Hindi is :

Definition of word auctionable

  • Able to be or worthy of realistically being auctioned especially for a substantial amount of money; aesthetically pleasing or desirable. (adjective)

Examples of word auctionable

  • An exciting pilot project is underway in London England which is sure to increase the police forces quantity of auctionable goods:
  • Writer Clifford Meth, with the approval of Gene's wife Adrienne, is organizing a fund-raising auction over at his Everyone's Wrong and I'm Right blog and seeking auctionable signed books, art and other goods from any professional willing to contribute.
  • In the New Web World, each page and user that makes up a website, is becoming an auctionable asset: With technology facilitating the markeplace that sources the advertiser who will pay the most for the result they want; There are going to be some quantum shifts local and brand advertising budgets.
  • Be-sides its auctionable, all about crime and libel!
  • Assuming a screenplay is auctionable, strategy is then drawn up, including a list of targeted buyers; elements that might be added, as in packaging; and how marketplace response will be communicated from buyer to buyer.


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