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What is the meaning of auctioneer in Hindi?

Meaning of auctioneer in Hindi is : नीलामीकर्ता

Definition of word auctioneer

  • A person who conducts an auction on behalf of a vendor, taking bids to find the best price for the vendor. (noun)
  • To sell at an auction; to auction. (verb)

Examples of word auctioneer

    • Ring announcer Bruce Buffer, who has a disturbing baby face with the high pompadour of an auctioneer from the cattle lots in Oklahoma, steps into the octagon to introduce the card.
    • The auctioneer is amazing, like something out of a Tex Avery cartoon, motormouthing a mile a minute.
    • Mark Jaffe, the Fort York auctioneer, is a gifted motormouth who runs his tongue 95mph with wit and wild abandon.
    • We put 'em into Joe Stevenson's hands to sell -- that was what every one called the auctioneer -- and walked down the long street.
    • The attitude of collectors, according to Tom Eden of London coin auctioneer Morton & Eden, is "with little return on investments, what's wrong with putting money into your hobby?"


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