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What is the meaning of audio in Hindi?

Meaning of audio in Hindi is : श्रव्य

Definition of word audio

  • Of or relating to audible sound. (adjective)
  • Of or relating to the broadcasting or reproduction of sound, especially high-fidelity reproduction. (adjective)
  • A sound, or a sound signal (noun)

Examples of word audio

  • This always happen if you have many audio files from different songs with the same "audio# file name in your computer" and if you select a wrong audio file
  • Unfortunately, for me, the audio is almost impossible to hear.
  • There are about 10000 articles on KidsHealth in English and Spanish, and the audio is available in both languages.
  • I'm pretty sure that "audio" is not a piece of the EM spectrum, it just describes sound, which is a different phenomenon altogether.
  • What was most damning IMO about the comment caught in audio is that it revealed that Brown didn’t really even care about the woman’s concerns and just dismissed them as “bigoted” and by extension dismissed other Britons (including many in the Labour Party) who might identify with this woman’s concerns.


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