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What is the meaning of auger in Hindi?

Meaning of auger in Hindi is : हाथ बरमा

Definition of word auger

  • A carpenter's tool for boring holes larger than those bored by a gimlet. (noun)
  • To use an auger; to drill a hole using an auger. (verb)

Examples of word auger

    • The auger was a twisted pile of scrap in the ditch and the tractor was headed home unscratched.
    • The basic idea is to find the cleanouts, and run a snake (aka auger) into them. powered one with knives.
    • While the lint is going through this process, the seeds, being heavier and smaller, draw to the bottom of the gins, fall into an auger which is operated by a belt, and then are dropped into a conveyor and carried to the seed pile or houses.
    • Poor scores for removal speed, throwing distance, and clearing plow piles like at the end of driveways put it at dead-last among single-stage snow blowers, which use a rubber-tipped auger to scoop up and throw snow while helping move the machine.
    • As long as Ares I-X doesn't do a 180 at liftoff and auger into the pad, Constellation can declare victory.
    • He had made a large framework, which was put together by drilling holes with an auger and then fastening them together with pegs.
    • Q: where can i get a blade fo a 10 Ice King 3hp power auger. any help would be awsome!!
    • Twisting his ice auger—essentially a four-foot corkscrew—he drilled a new hole through the ice.