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What is the meaning of aught in Hindi?

Meaning of aught in Hindi is : कोई वस्तु

Definition of word aught

  • Property; possession (noun)
  • Duty; place; office (noun)
  • to own, possess (verb)
  • to owe, be obliged or obligated to (verb)
  • possessed of (adjective)
  • anything whatever, any part. (pronoun)
  • whit, the smallest part, iota. (noun)
  • zero (noun)
  • The digit zero as the decade in years. For example, aught-nine for 1909 or 2009. (noun)
  • At all, in any degree, in any respect. (adverb)
  • Obsolete or dialectal form of eight. (noun)

Examples of word aught

  • "Is there aught," she panted, "_aught_ that could come between your soul and mine?"
  • Cause his mum didn't have no money to dress him in aught but a suit of rags, stitched up from scraps of handmedowns and castoffs what had been worn to nothing and chucked away.
  • Drunken with the wine of success deep-quaffed, without superstition and without faith in aught but its own ascendant star, laughing at the wreckage of science and mad with pride of race, it went forth upon the way of war.
  • Well, Anibal threw a no-hitter last night, the first since another guy I've laughed at a lot over the years (not because of his name but because, well, he's damn funny looking) threw a perfect game against my beloved Bravos back in aught four.
  • Now when the Commander of the Faithful heard this verse, he was moved to great delight and his sister said to him, “O my brother, whoso decideth in aught against himself, him it behoveth to abide by it and do according to his word; and thou hast judged against thyself by this judgement.”


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