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What is the meaning of augmentation in Hindi?

Meaning of augmentation in Hindi is : संवर्धन

Definition of word augmentation

  • The act or process of augmenting. (noun)

Examples of word augmentation

  • Is this the latest trend in augmentation – a nipplectomy? nicole Says:
  • Or a particular rhythm: how's it work in augmentation?
  • A friend and I speculated as to whether he has augmentation from a cybernetic implant.
  • The main point in the picture is the rapid augmentation from a petty stream into a mighty river, not by the influx of side streams, but by its own self-supply from the sacred miraculous source in the temple [Henderson].
  • Rather, it uses the word "augmentation" -- the preferred language of the White House.
  • Because the dinosaurs can read and have access to advanced technology due to brain augmentation.
  • In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you play Adam Jensen, security chief for one of the many companies in the near future that are exploiting a new technology called "augmentation."
  • "The bad news is that this short-term augmentation of funds may again turn out to be a non-sustainable spurt," write the authors, leaving researchers scrambling to support projects started with the gusher of federal funds.
  • He is generally credited with having composed a motette in thirty-six parts having almost all the devices later known as augmentation, diminution, inversion, retrograde, crab, etc.