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What is the meaning of aureate in Hindi?

Meaning of aureate in Hindi is : स्वर्णिम

Definition of word aureate

  • golden in color or shine (adjective)
  • characterized by inflated or pompous language (adjective)

Examples of word aureate

    • I conjecture that your professor uses aureate palaver to augment the appraised merit of your edification.
    • We are apt to associate it with the prolix statements of policy makers and the aureate pomposity of evangelists.
    • Now the city, with all its meaningless wonders, its mind-wracking vistas, and its fantastic inhabitants, was falling behind him; he could relax once more with the spectacle of those calm, magnificent peaks, gilded by the faintly aureate glow of the eternal dawn.
    • Above it were the roller and bee-eater and hoopoe, all fabulously Mediterranean with hot aureate colors that were not, even in the late 1960s, permitted in Britain yet, except under license to the kingfisher.
    • And we sit in aureate judgment, in the glow of well-deserved pride, for our rightness has returned rightness, and the criminal has died.


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