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What is the meaning of auspicious in Hindi?

Meaning of auspicious in Hindi is : सौभाग्यशाली

Definition of word auspicious

  • Of good omen; indicating future success. (adjective)
  • Conducive to success. (adjective)
  • Marked by success; prosperous. (adjective)

Examples of word auspicious

  • “Well, that's something of an auspicious start, but that's why they have the phrase auspicious start, because one often starts that way,” I said, trying to cover up my embarrassment for the sloppy turn.
  • In the Tibetan tradition, I later learned, offering a white silk scarf called a khata is an expression of auspicious intentions at the beginning of a relationship.
  • Maniacal laughter from inside the Matthew-Cave seems to indicate that something auspicious is happening.
  • A new study sponsored by the World Bank seems to offer empirical support for this belief: it finds that Vietnamese children born in auspicious years enjoy better health and higher education levels than those born in unlucky years.
  • In a horoscope-conscious society, they argue, children born in auspicious years are more likely to have been planned for, and are more likely to reap the benefits of “favorable financial, psychological, or emotional conditions” than their unplanned-for peers.


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