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What is the meaning of authenticity in Hindi?

Meaning of authenticity in Hindi is : सत्यता

Definition of word authenticity

  • The quality of being genuine or not corrupted from the original. (noun)
    मूल से वास्तविक या भ्रष्ट नहीं होने का गुण।

Examples of word authenticity

  • The only viable option I see to maintain authenticity is to get an older, more muscular actor who looks sort of like Taylor to play Jacob in New Moon.
  • "The term authenticity has gradually been modified over the years as people have realized that, ultimately, you can't reproduce anything from the past," Prof. Potter says.
  • The Ethics of Authenticity-a book I discovered serendipitously at the library when checking out Bell's book-attempts to defend what he terms the authenticity ideal, the premise that the meaning of life is to discover one's unique self.
  • That said, though, I do think that "authenticity" is an illusion, that all musical activity is in some way stylized and synthetic, and to make a moral distinction between oral traditions and written traditions on the basis of perceived authenticity is invalid.
  • While any discussion of the question of authenticity is outside the scope of this article, the use of these terms by Catholic writers is not.
  • Capturing a sense of authenticity is just too much of an effort.
  • But in a media and policy environment marked by short attention spans and limited resources, where authenticity is often an index of suffering, we think of our ethnic communities primarily as aggregations of problems and victims, framing the causes and solutions to our issues in terms of stark - but narrow - racial oppositions.