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What is the meaning of author in Hindi?

Meaning of author in Hindi is : संलेखक

Definition of word author

  • The originator or creator of a work, especially of a literary composition. (noun)
    किसी कार्य का प्रवर्तक या निर्माता, विशेषकर साहित्यिक रचना का।
  • To create a work as its author. (verb)
    इसके लेखक के रूप में एक काम बनाने के लिए।

Examples of word author

    • The author and the minister did their parts in the ordinary pursuit of their vocations; but the _author_ did his part impersonally and indirectly, whilst the _minister_ did his part personally and face to face.
    • It occupied a gratifying amount of space, and was introduced by a flattering biographical sketch of the author -- the _author_!
    • To return to our former example: _All authors are vain_ is the same as -- Vanity is predicated of all authors; _Cicero is an author_ is the same as -- Cicero is identified as an author; therefore _Cicero is vain_, or -- Vanity may be predicated of Cicero.
    • One hates an author that's _all author_ -- fellows
    • The most common ones are • @version States the application version • @author States the name of the author (you can have multiple @author paragraphs) • @param Documents a method parameter (you can have multiple @param paragraphs) • @return Documents the value returned by a method •
    • To me (a * real* author) this sentence is intimidating for someone wanting to find out about CZ -- it seems to be saying that, "Well, you don't have to be an expert, BUT you have to be an * author*"!
    • If you're going to be first author and you absolutely will not accept a co-first* author* scenario, make that clear, but also be aware of what kinds of expectation that sets up.
    • The if ($author = = "author-id1") part checks to see if the value we extracted from the current post's information matches the predefined value.
    • * % author% - The author of the post, if available.