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What is the meaning of authority in Hindi?

Meaning of authority in Hindi is : सत्ताधारी

Definition of word authority

  • The power to enforce rules or give orders. (noun)
    नियमों को लागू करने या आदेश देने की शक्ति।

Examples of word authority

  • On questions of fact, therefore, even the Pope could be mistaken, and it is inappropriate to appeal to any authority apart from one's senses to decide a factual question: ˜authority is useless in that context™ (Preface to the Traité du vide: I, 452).
  • The acts of the government of the Confederation in accepting cessions from several of the States of unoccupied territory, claimed by them in the west, and organizing territorial governments therein, were declared in 1788, by as high authority as James Madison, to be "_without the least color of constitutional authority_."
  • The only government of the parent over the child that is worthy of the name is one of authority -- complete, absolute, unquestioned _authority_.
  • So a mother can not in any way more effectually undermine her authority, as _authority_, than by attempting to eke out its force by arguments and coaxings.
  • That the said Palmer did apply to the board at Calcutta for a new authority to continue the said establishments, -- he conceiving their continuance, "after the period of the Governor-General's departure, depended upon the pleasure of the board, and not upon the _authority of the Governor-General, under the sanction of which they were established or confirmed_."
  • His main authority is Michael Wood, whom he describes as “an historian of some repute”.
  • In movies, TV, music, newspapers, criminals are made heroes, the government, police, military, anyone in authority, is too often depicted as corrupt or involved in some evil conspiracy.
  • I only hope for prompt recognition of this shift in authority from the free market, unregulated policy guru Bush, towards the real figures in science that will provoke a long awaited change in environmental protection, and pro-activity. —