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What is the meaning of authorized in Hindi?

Meaning of authorized in Hindi is : साधिकार

Definition of word authorized

  • Explicitly allowed. (adjective)
    स्पष्ट रूप से अनुमति दी गई है।
  • Simple past tense and past participle of authorize. (verb)

Examples of word authorized

    • Picard considered how many meanings rode behind the word authorized.
    • The report also sheds little new light on the most troubling part of Sino-Forest's business model: its reliance on what it calls "authorized intermediaries" - local partners that Muddy Waters and sources interviewed by The Globe and Mail during its own months-long investigation suggest may not be arms-length from the company itself.
    • Our faith tells us that what you authorized is an absolute evil.
    • Of course having paper that says you are authorized is another defense.
    • Also, Pfizer has agreed to supply Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc. with what is known as an authorized generic Lipitor beginning Nov. 30.
    • Obviously, when someone logs on as someone else using a stolen password he could be engaging in authorized access.
    • The medal was again authorized, with changes indicated above, in 1939 for WWII.
    • A withdrawal due to injury is noted, and no wings noted in authorized awards and decorations despite the MOS assigned.
    • Hillary & McCain authorized the Iraq War which so far had led to 41 brave Kentucky soldiers sacrificing their lives.