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What is the meaning of authors in Hindi?

Meaning of authors in Hindi is :

Definition of word authors

  • Plural form of author. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of author. (verb)

Examples of word authors

    • As stenographer to the two members of the firm, Bok was immediately brought into touch with the leading authors of the day, their works as they were discussed in the correspondence dictated to him, and the authorsÂ’ terms upon which books were published.
    • Again, any unfair prejudice we might have towards tie-in authors is not to be confused with a prejudice we may hold against the tie-in business and its effect on the literary market, which I do think is in some ways detrimental.
    • I think getting read by other authors is the ultimate compliment, because we tend to be more picky.
    • One of the authors is an art historian, too, and the main character becomes interested in art history.
    • Much free work of hers and 35 other authors is available at Book View Cafe: www. bookviewcafe.com and her blog is Incipit Vita Nova, www. asterling.typepad.com.


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