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What is the meaning of autopsy in Hindi?

Meaning of autopsy in Hindi is : शव―परीक्षा

Definition of word autopsy

  • A dissection performed on a cadaver to find possible cause(s) of death. (noun)
  • An after-the-fact examination, especially of the causes of a failure. (noun)
  • To perform an autopsy on. (verb)
  • To perform an after-the-fact analysis of, especially of a failure. (verb)

Examples of word autopsy

  • URIBE: Your honor, I would just bring up the fact that whether or not that was a condition of these, of the agreement, whether or not that's used for the term autopsy photo or refers to the autopsy photos in the report.
  • The term autopsy is intrinsic to the resources provided and should lead to consistent conversions.
  • The term autopsy, derived from Greek, essentially means to see for oneself.
  • Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham sent condolences to the Travolta family and said the autopsy is a formality the country requires in cases of sudden death to rule out foul play.
  • The word autopsy comes from the Greek “to see for oneself”; as Vesalius learned to see for himself, he could no longer force Galen’s mystical visions to fit his own.


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