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What is the meaning of ave in Hindi?

Meaning of ave in Hindi is : स्वागतम्

Definition of word ave

  • An Ave Maria. (noun)
  • A reverential salutation. (noun)
  • avenue (noun)
  • average (noun)

Examples of word ave

  • Women are too soft about th ’eart to ‘ave the running of a grand place like Ringwood and to ’ave their fingers in such a deep purse as Morris’s was.”
  • My thoughts exactly! although, La Paloma on 45th close to 9th ave is damn good.
  • I second that NYCGuy. 2nd ave is a bit too far from 6th.
  • Tie: Ma Po Tofu and Beef with Chili Sauce - Grand Sichuan either east side location but the 2nd ave is more a midtown lunch option
  • 'Tis a brother and sisterhood sort of comradeship they 'ave, which is well for 'em, since none o' the common folk care for their companionship.


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