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What is the meaning of avenge in Hindi?

Meaning of avenge in Hindi is : बैर शोधन करना

Definition of word avenge

  • A vengeance; a revenge. (noun)
  • To take vengeance (for); to exact satisfaction for by punishing the injuring party; to vindicate by inflicting pain or evil on a wrongdoer. (verb)
  • To treat revengefully; to wreak vengeance on. (verb)

Examples of word avenge

  • The Lord uses words without anxiety as to the misuse of them by such as do not search after his will in them; and the word avenge may be simply retained from the parable without its special meaning therein; yet it suggests a remark or two.
  • LUI: You know, Chris, the statement you were bringing up in your report, the official using the word "avenge" -- we don't commonly see that in a statement coming from a government agency or from an official.
  • “Only a burning desire to clear my name and avenge my mentor.”
  • The Taliban has claimed responsibility for some of the attacks, saying they were carried out to "avenge" the NATO airstrike and CIA drone missiles in Pakistan's lawless tribal region.
  • Public anger is simmering over the air incursions and an dramatic escalation of CIA drone strikes against militants in Pakistan's tribal areas, and a Taliban spokesman vowed that it would "avenge" those attacks with more strikes on "foreign forces" in Pakistan, Reuters reported.


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