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What is the meaning of avenue in Hindi?

Meaning of avenue in Hindi is : वीथि

Definition of word avenue

  • A broad street, especially one bordered by trees (Wikipedia). (noun)

Examples of word avenue

  • The tree-lined main avenue is still called “Stalin Street” (an ethnic Georgian, Stalin was said to have also had Ossetian roots).
  • If crude oil really does run out or becomes prohibitively expensive to get, this avenue is available, and additional research and technological improvements need to be actively pursued.
  • And the city recently changed the main avenue to one-way and added walking and biking paths, says Carrie Broussard, economic development manager for Mid-City Redevelopment Alliance.
  • While SBA loans have traditionally been reserved for riskier businesses, "this is the main avenue for small-business lending today," he says.
  • Why should the House pass the bill with vague hopes of it being improved later, if this obvious avenue is available?
  • The reason the last administration didn't pursue that avenue is because there is No Oil in Israel or the Gaza Strip!