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What is the meaning of averse in Hindi?

Meaning of averse in Hindi is : विरुद्ध

Definition of word averse

  • Having a repugnance or opposition of mind. (adjective)
  • To turn away. (verb)

Examples of word averse

    • Being seriously risk averse is as harmful as having too much risk tolerance.
    • We are taught to think of them as stolid, almost physically rooted to the soil and averse from the artificial.
    • The experience gained is of no use in any other employment, and the unusual freedom makes the messenger who has outgrown his calling averse to the discipline of more regular occupations.
    • These earnest terms are often used, and the address to God, as indifferent or averse, is found in Ps 3: 7; 22: 24; 27: 9, &c.
    • As movies have become more expensive to make and market, big studios have become more risk averse, which is why more and more films are remakes, sequels, or are based on popular previous works.
    • Our financing system is increasingly risk averse, which is stifling entrepreneurship and innovation.
    • More than that, if the policy issues raised by the Shell-BOC row are not resolved and firmed up government positions will continue to be characterized as averse to efficient good governance and the permanent good of our republic.