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What is the meaning of avert in Hindi?

Meaning of avert in Hindi is : हटाना

Definition of word avert

  • To turn aside or away. (verb)
  • To ward off, or prevent, the occurrence or effects of. (verb)
  • To turn away. (verb)

Examples of word avert

  • The list of mistakes they tried to avert is familiar, but it bears repeating because of the fresh opportunity to learn from it.
  • May Heaven avert from the Roman republic this national disgrace, which would provoke the patience of the slaves of Persia!
  • And with the country's fledgling security forces still unable to reign them in, if the militias decide that enough is enough, experts believe civil war would be near impossible to avert, that is, if it hasn't already begun.
  • Quick calls avert more trauma if wallet or cellphone stolen photo - purchased by JS on 6/8/2009 for one-time publication as the
  • A cross atop city hall violates the Establishment Clause even if people remember to avert their eyes.


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