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What is the meaning of avowal in Hindi?

Meaning of avowal in Hindi is : प्रकाशोक्ति

Definition of word avowal

  • An open declaration of affirmation or admission of knowledge. (noun)

Examples of word avowal

  • Thus, in one place we have the following avowal, which is only not _naïf_ because evidently put in to please the prejudices of sympathetically narrow readers.
  • 'A woman less fine than you would have protested against this sudden avowal, which is only too like me -- too like Hugo.
  • I cannot recall the avowal of my earnest and deep attachment to you, and I do not recall it. '
  • And then, when the last of his loathsome secrets has been told, when he has nothing left either to gain or to conceal, then he rises up into a perfect bankrupt sublimity and makes the great avowal which is the whole pivot and meaning of the poem.
  • I cannot recall the avowal of my earnest and deep attachment to you, and I do not recall it.’
  • And then, on the evening of August 11th, there suddenly occurred one of these dramatic turns of events that have become almost common in Iran: on a popular television program, the regime broadcast the so-called "avowal" of the young woman who, wearing a black chador which covered all but her nose and one of her eyes, holding a sheet of paper in her hands as though reciting a lesson she was having trouble learning, a voice over in Farsi covering her own voice as she expressed herself in her native Azeri, confessed her supposed "complicity" in the murder of her husband.
  • But with the U.S. Federal Reserve's recently announced avowal of easy monetary policy causing the dollar to flirt with its record low against the yen, Japan's government is turning an increasingly stern eye toward its own central bank for further monetary easing to counter the U.S. action.
  • The letter notes that the Chinese Constitution claims freedom of speech and the press, but this formal avowal and concrete denial has become a scandalous mark.
  • There has been no such avowal, openly or otherwise, from the center-right or right to discredit theleft.