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What is the meaning of aw in Hindi?

Meaning of aw in Hindi is :

Definition of word aw

  • Used to express disappointment/dismay. (interjection)
  • Used to express mild protest, entreaty, consternation, or disapproval. (interjection)
  • Used to express affection. (interjection)

Examples of word aw

  • But this is so par for the course for South Carolina and the people are so thick headed there, that all you can do is sit in aw at how backwards they are.
  • But at ZooBorns, the success of any photo depends on how many w's people put at the end of the word aw, Eastman said.
  • We sat in aw as we listened to Hillary's speech and wondered aloud what she's up too.
  • Plus, I have another, less professional design job lined up, so I'll be working it again ... aw, YEAH!!
  • It ud be a bad thing to ha 'th' pits stop workin 'aw because I had na attended to 'em, an' gi'en th 'mesters a bit o' encouragement.


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