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What is the meaning of await in Hindi?

Meaning of await in Hindi is : शलभ

Definition of word await

  • To wait for. (verb)
  • To expect. (verb)
  • To be in store for; to be ready or in waiting for (verb)
  • To wait on, serve or attend (to). (verb)
  • To watch, observe. (verb)
  • To wait (on or upon). (verb)
  • To wait; to stay in waiting. (verb)
  • A waiting for; ambush. (noun)
  • Watching, watchfulness, suspicious observation. (noun)

Examples of word await

  • He remarkable which a infancy of a people which he talked to did not feel which way, as well as which they were in await of Buffalo Rapids as well as its crew, as well as would similar to to see Dave Schwarz stay as manager of a Project.
  • What we await is another deregulation bill that, like the 1997 deregulation solved the most specific and important constraint.
  • Old Man's War, the first in a series I eagerly await, is a fast-paced, fun, tip-of-the-hat to Heinlein that succeeds in every way it can.
  • State of Sept. 2, 2005: Distant kin await close encounter
  • With what composure could Great Britain await the German reoccupation of Tanganyika by which, with Italians already in control of Libya, the encirclement of Egypt and the Soudan would be made complete?


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