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What is the meaning of award in Hindi?

Meaning of award in Hindi is : सावधान

Definition of word award

  • A judgment, sentence, or final decision. Specifically: The decision of arbitrators in a case submitted. (noun)
  • The paper containing the decision of arbitrators; that which is warded. (noun)
  • A trophy or medal; something that denotes an accomplishment, especially in a competition. A prize or honor based on merit. (noun)
  • Care, keeping. (noun)
  • A negotiated minimum wage that is set for a particular trade or industry; an industrial award. (noun)
  • To give by sentence or judicial determination; to assign or apportion, after careful regard to the nature of the case; to adjudge; as, the arbitrators awarded damages to the complainant. (verb)
  • To determine; to make or grant an award. (verb)
  • to give an award (prize) for merit (verb)

Examples of word award

  • Ronnie Barron, an agent with the UT & TSU Extension in Cheatham County, can add the title award-winning photographer to his list of many accomplishments.
  • But on reflection does it not just show what sort of world we live in when the award is actually given to them?
  • This award is arguably the most prestigious offered to a contemporary designer in Australia, with a prize of $30,000.
  • As you may have noticed, I am making some changes to the site in preparation for changes in the way the award is administered.
  • More information about the award is available here, and a picture of Neil and the award is available here.


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