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What is the meaning of awe in Hindi?

Meaning of awe in Hindi is : विस्मयाकुल कर देना

Definition of word awe

  • A feeling of fear and reverence. (noun)
  • A feeling of amazement. (noun)
  • To inspire fear and reverence. (verb)
  • To control by inspiring dread. (verb)
  • Examples of word awe

    • For many decisions about what to eat are not based on a personal sense of awe do plants or animals care if we are “in awe” of them anyway?
    • The one that just has me in awe, is the Sugared Walnut ...
    • Today the word awe gets thrown around like a dishrag.
    • “All these sentiments blend together in the soul,” becoming “a single phenomenon which we call awe” (loc. cit.).
    • Way to go Fox ... at least one station isn't so in "awe" of him that they are not afraid to call him out of certain things.


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