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What is the meaning of awkward in Hindi?

Meaning of awkward in Hindi is : भौंडा

Definition of word awkward

  • In a backwards direction. (adverb)
  • Lacking dexterity in the use of the hands, or of instruments (adjective)

Examples of word awkward

    • MISCELLANEOUS WORDS. adobe _ado'ba_ algebra not _bra_ alien _alyen_, not _alien_ ameliorate _amelyorate_ antarctic _antarktik_ anti not _anti_ archangel _arkangel_ archbishop _arch_, not _ark_ arch fiend _arch_, not _ark_ architect _arkitect_ awkward _awkward_, not _ard_
    • Google is betting that its new social network, Google+, will fix what it calls the "awkward" state of online sharing--but Google isn't sharing invitations to its latest project with everyone.
    • After Mark Zuckerberg moved his social network from Cambridge, Mass., to Palo Alto, Calif., adviser Sean Parker persuaded him to drop what he called the awkward article.
    • In fact, I don't think the term "awkward" is appropriate.
    • I don't know if "awkward" is the right word to use here Wolf.
    • That was followed by what might be called an awkward moment.
    • The constant cussing sailed right upstairs to the rest of the family, who sat around in awkward silence.
    • I agree on the Freemind and found Personal Brain awkward for my learning curve.