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What is the meaning of awoke in Hindi?

Meaning of awoke in Hindi is : जगा

Definition of word awoke

  • Simple past of awake. (verb)

Examples of word awoke

  • But her name awoke in me memories of Alba, and all of a sudden I was alert and serious.
  • Amanda awoke from a deep slumber and saw that her alarm clock would be going off in ten minutes.
  • About 8 in the morning I awoke from a deep sleep on my porch swing which was covered in hair.
  • And when I was convalescent came the love of woman to complete the cure and lull my pessimism asleep for many a long day, until John Barleycorn again awoke it.
  • Yet, for some reason, the top 40 radio station in my hometown insists on playing your songs with a frequency that would suggest the music director recently awoke from a 18-year coma.


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