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What is the meaning of axes in Hindi?

Meaning of axes in Hindi is :

Definition of word axes

  • Plural form of ax. (noun)
  • Plural form of axe. (noun)
  • Plural form of axis. (noun)

Examples of word axes

  • The maker of the breaching axes is Daniel Winkler who, for twenty years or more has been pre-eminent in the re-creation of frontier cutlery.
  • The paper focuses on three main axes of future progress †true broadband support, personalized media, and distributed control.
  • The Mexico City we know today began as a rough sketch of an urban plan - attributed to Alonso de García Bravo, one of Hernán Cortés 'henchmen - incorporating two main axes at 90 degrees to the central plaza, with streets following a grid formation.
  • It’s not so simple as saying that the axis of evil points from behind the counter, or from the front of a cab (i.e. that the “origin” of the axes is the center of projection of a camera or anything so simple-minded).
  • People will grind their axes, that is inevitable, and politics may turn violent, but the worst can be avoided if competing interests and ambitions are balanced – which is possible, since there is enough to go around for everyone.


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