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What is the meaning of axiom in Hindi?

Meaning of axiom in Hindi is : स्वसिद्ध

Definition of word axiom

  • A seemingly self-evident or necessary truth which is based on assumption; a principle or proposition which cannot actually be proved or disproved. (noun)

Examples of word axiom

  • Use of the term axiom reinforces that our computational model is a mathematical, formal system and that analogue execution is a form of deduction from the axioms or assumptions explicitly programmed into the model.
  • Although he lacks the historical context to articulate Kant's Categorical Moral Imperative, he describes a Supreme Being for whom something akin to this axiom is the ultimate measure of a man, a God who believes that one's ethical duty is to acquire and exercise wisdom, to evaluate and constantly re-evaluate one's beliefs -- including what one's ethical duty is -- by applying the utmost objectivity to one's own preconceptions and prejudices.
  • So if the math relates to a physics matter the "axiom" is tested.
  • It seems the operating axiom is the old "When all else fails, do what's right."
  • That simple axiom is a radical critique of an age in which ideological lines are hardening and real dialogue diminishing in the public arena.
  • That axiom is also true in fantasy baseball, where managing a pitching staff down the stretch is often the key to winning a championship because major league teams often don't have the same agendas for their pitchers as fantasy owners do.
  • No, the axiom is concerned with the morality of genocide.