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What is the meaning of axis in Hindi?

Meaning of axis in Hindi is : समझौता

Definition of word axis

  • A taxonomic genus within the subfamily Cervinae — the chital. (proper-noun)
  • The alliance group before and during World War II consisting of Germany, Italy, Japan, and allied countries. (proper-noun)

Examples of word axis

    • The Islamic Republic also found success extending its influence by forming, leading, and supporting what I call the Axis of Resistance—an anti-American, anti-Israel coalition that included Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Palestinian territories, Shiite militants in Iraq, and ally Syria.
    • Backed by huge oil deposits and the second-largest gas reserves in the world, Iran spreads “soft power” across the region, from pipeline links connecting the Caspian Sea with the Persian Gulf, to mosque building in Central Asia and greater influence in Afghanistan and Iraq.6 It leads what I call an Axis of Resistance with Shiite and other militant allies in Lebanon, the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and in neighboring Iraq.
    • As an experiment, last week I called Axis Bank's toll-free number and asked the charges for using an Axis debit card outside India.
    • Like I said, it may be a contributive factor or a symptom to another clinical or personality disorder, but sexual and/or gender variances are not to be put in Axis I or Axis II on the multiaxial board of diagnosis.
    • Axis is out now and I'm thinking about getting the sequel this week.


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