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What is the meaning of axman in Hindi?

Meaning of axman in Hindi is :

Definition of word axman

  • Alternative spelling of axeman. (noun)

Examples of word axman

  • Lurking behind every chance to be made whole by fame is the axman of further dismemberment.
  • If you doan lyke being called GF would Start-man be bedder or axman or Tele or LesPaul custom or rickenbacher flyin vee or sumfin along dose lines?
  • Banokles jumped clear, launching himself at the axman.
  • When prisoners were going to be beheaded, they offered the axman a little extra money to make sure he chopped their heads off with one, clean blow.
  • No! Alberich howled in protest, uselessly, silently-but suddenly Jadus was there, between the King and the axman, and the ax came down -


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