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What is the meaning of azure in Hindi?

Meaning of azure in Hindi is : मेघहीन

Definition of word azure

  • A blue colour on a coat of arms, represented in engraving by horizontal parallel lines. (noun)
  • Sky-blue; resembling the clear blue colour of the unclouded sky; cerulean; also, cloudless. (adjective)
  • To colour blue. (verb)

Examples of word azure

  • So he stood waist-deep in the grass and looked regretfully across the rolling savannah and the soft-swelling foothills to the Lion's Head, a massive peak of rock that upreared into the azure from the midmost centre of Guadalcanar, a landmark used for bearings by every coasting mariner, a mountain as yet untrod by the foot of a white man.
  • This was particularly hard to do since, just before we went on the air, ABC had shown a series of exchanges between police and demonstrators which made it quite clear that the boys in azure blue were on a great lark. beating up everyone in sight.
  • It is the Accidentally On-Purpose Drop-Stitch Vest from the book Stitch 'n Bitch Nation, in azure, a cheerful and summery shade of blue.
  • The impression of an unending azure is broken only by the appearance of five yellow flowers: one painted on each hand, one on her forehead, one on her upper chest and one on her stomach.
  • To use Browning's words, Scott "fished the murex up," so that Carlyle outdid Macaulay in "azure feats."
  • To have to care for my dress at this time of day more than I ever did when young and pretty and happy (God bless me, to think that I was once all that!) on penalty of being regarded as a blot on the Grange gold and azure, is really too bad.
  • Next is the obligatory blue space which I guess I would describe as azure a place called Danube would have.