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What is the meaning of babe in Hindi?

Meaning of babe in Hindi is : शिशु

Definition of word babe

  • A baby or infant; a very young human or animal. (noun)

Examples of word babe

  • I. ii.118 (294,1) like a babe] That is a _weeping babe_.
  • Among those risking romantic rejection and public humiliation is a ski instructor keen to propose in salopettes, a sailor who uses the word "babe" as punctuation, and a civil servant who stores his engagement ring in a laundry tablet dispersal bag.
  • He watched the word babe hit her across the face like a hard slap, along with more he didn’t mean, but somehow couldn’t stop from saying.
  • There are far more lude and inappropriate visuals seconds away on the very computer we all are reading this on, that if a fully clothed booth babe is of grave concern, lock out Field and Stream's web site so the aforementioned young girls can't see the naked fish either.
  • I'm guessing behind every booth babe is a well dress and informative representative for each company ready to answer questions about each product.
  • I'm new to this mom thing (my babe is 4mo), but I'm already getting fed up with the pressure to always have my crap together.
  • So if a babe is wearing a shirt saying, "he's my BR BITCH", she probably has serious issues.
  • Personally, my babe is still only 1 1/2 but another mum breastfeeding in front of me without a covering of some sort would make me uncomfortable.