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What is the meaning of back in Hindi?

Meaning of back in Hindi is : साबित करना

Definition of word back

Examples of word back

  • Indicates how many times you can back or forward, in Back and Forward buttons.
  • Having found the Area of a Back or Cooler* the next Thing will be to find oat the trae Dipping or Caoginr-place in that Back* that fo the trae Qaaa - tity of Worts may be computed at any Depth; * wlicll may be thus done.
  • _Spirited_ or _Kidnapt_ (as they call it) into _America_, falling into the Hands of a Tyrannical Master, he ran away from him, but being taken and brought back, the hard-hearted Tyrant lashed him on his naked Back, until his Body ran in an entire stream of Blood; to make the Torment of this miserable Creature intolerable, he anointed his Wounds with Juice of Lemon mingled with Salt and Pepper, being ground small together, with which torture the miserable Wretch gave up the Ghost, with these dying
  • Soon afterward, as the title Back to Earth suggests, they finally achieve their goal, but nothing is quite as it seems.
  • The documentary I Want My Name Back, playing Toronto's TIFF Bell Lightbox on Thursday, traces the legacy of