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What is the meaning of bad in Hindi?

Meaning of bad in Hindi is : हानिकारक

Definition of word bad

  • Not good; unfavorable; negative. (adjective)
  • Seemingly non-appropriate, in manners, etc. (adjective)
  • Not suitable or fitting. (adjective)
  • Tricky; stressful; unpleasant. (adjective)
  • Evil; wicked. (adjective)
  • Faulty; not functional. (adjective)
  • Spoiled, rotten, overripe. (adjective)
  • Malodorous, foul. (adjective)
  • Bold and daring. (adjective)
  • Severe, urgent. (adjective)
  • Badly. (adverb)
  • error, mistake (noun)
  • this sense?) (slang) Fantastic. (adjective)
  • Alternative past tense of bid. See bade. (verb)
  • To shell (a walnut). (verb)

Examples of word bad

  • Michael Bay is the Lord of Actoin, hands down! rava cant wait for bad boys3..bad boys 2 is my fav movie ever
  • Public-choice says: the problem of bad motives is by virtue of the "symmetry assumption," mind you--not as a matter of evidence *so bad* that we need constitutional remedies, not merely the election of honest public servants.
  • I very agree with you: if the writing is bad, *the writing is bad*, no matter who it's aimed at.
  • How bad that I actually feel _bad_ for not knowing a few of those?
  • I had some bad resultsand I mean *bad* with a supposedly good cookbook a while back, so at least you know these will turn out!


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